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Search Engine Optimization

fp5The most effective way to make your website a good selling tool is to optimize it for a better search engine placement. IT Solution Works offers SEO services like Keyword Research and Analysis, Competitor Website Analysis, SEO Directory Submissions, Search Engine Submissions, Link Density Enhancement, Content Quality Enhancement

The Internet marketing objective of doing SEO are: Increase online coverage and credibility; Higher visibility for long term brand awareness; Increase targeted traffic to your website, Receive more potential customers who are actively searching for your product or solution; Reduce down other online media marketing cost, such as PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Ads; Dominate your competition.

  • Keyword Research and Analysis
A very important part of the SEO services is to help identify the best possible keywords to target with your website. The right keyword choice is essential for reaching the right audience. We will conduct an extensive study together with client on what people are searching on the search engines. Recommend primary and related keywords based on popular search frequency and more relevant to your business. Usually we will propose the keywords search terms that has better KEI (Key Effectiveness Index). For instance, keywords with high search volume and less competitive.
  • Competitor Website Analysis
Analysing the website for search engine incompatibilities and errors, coding compatibilities. Studying your competitor search engine results and analysing the best approach on content and keywords positioning.
  • SEO Directory Submissions:
Part of your online branding process includes submitting strategically selected pages from your website to major online directories. IT Solution Works will analyze your site to determine the quantity and quality of the pages submitted to directories to increase your search engine and online branding results.
  • Search Engine Submissions (SEO Submission):
The best way to get your company noticed is to directly submit your site to search engines instead of waiting for spider bots to come and index your site. We will works with your company to determine which pages should be submitted to which search engines for the maximum return-on-investment.
  • Link Density Enhancement:
Some search engines base their results on the number of quality sites linking back to a website. These search engines (SEO) have specific criteria to ensure that link referrals are not devised through unethical methods. We will ensure that your search engine results are optimized while abiding by standard industry ethics.
  • Content Quality Enhancement:

One of the key methods employed by search engines is analyzing the content-keyword density, file names, directory structure-of a site. IT Solution Works is an experienced team to tweak and revise your site's content while maintaining (or increasing) navigational flow and copy readability.

We also offer pay-per-click advertising, paid inclusion, web analytics, and website conversion services.

To explore further about IT Solution Works SEO Services, talk to our SEO consultant now.


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