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Home Expertise Programming in ASP.NET

Programming in ASP.NET

ASP.NET is more than just Active Server Pages and it facilitates fast development of powerful web applications. ASP.Net provides an integrated web development model that includes the services necessary for developers to build enterprise-class web applications. ASP.NET has many integrated features that make it functional, efficient and reliable.

ASP.Net Advantages:

  • ASP.Net provides Powerful database driven functionality for faster web application development
  • ASP.Net is object-oriented
  • Compiled code and caching make ASP.Net really fast
  • ASP.Net automatically retrieves from memory leaks and errors so it ensuring website is always available to visitors.
  • ASP.Net allows programmers to write their code in so many proffered .Net languages like etc.

ASP.Net Features:

  • ASP.NET is a managed framework that facilitates building server-side applications based on HTTP, HTML, XML and SOAP
  • ASP.NET supports building HTML-based applications
  • ASP.NET supports building non-visual request handlers and Web services
  • ASP.NET allows for total separation of code from HTML
  • ASP.NET requests are initially handled by the HTTP runtime of IIS
  • ASP.NET ISAPI extension DLL redirects requests to ASP.NET worker process
  • ASP.NET automatically references all assemblies in \bin directory
  • ASP.NET automatically references several commonly-used .NET assemblies

Our Advantages:

  • Technical Competence: top IT professionals work for you.
  • Quality: customers can be assured that their projects will be delivered on time with the highest quality and technical standards.
  • Costs: customers are sure to save at least 50 per cent of all expenses if development is done in-house, not even taking into account the expenses on infrastructure and equipment.
  • Start-up time: it is much easier and faster to start up a project with us. Besides, we can take projects at any stage.
    Protection: all intellectual property rights will belong to the original company.
  • Financial protection: is also guaranteed as payments are made only when specific milestones have been achieved
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